So Rosie the Riveter who volunteered and earned wages was just like the dying skeletal prisoner? Until now, the family has refused historians access to its Nazi-era historical archives and papers—and it still has not acknowledged that Afa factories made use of slave labor from concentration camps. If you’re going to get on BMW for their war activities, you’ll have to do it separately from the Quandt’s. BMW’s past? BMW has not admitted their past. Günther Quandt (28 July 1881 - 30 December 1954) was a German industrialist who founded an industrial empire that today includes BMW and Altana (chemicals). His first wife was Antonie ‘Toni’ Ewald. The Quandts, by contrast, have remained silent about their past, perhaps fearing a global public backlash against the BMW brand. Harald lived with his mother and the Nazi minister until he joined the German army in 1939. Here’s a thorough read: They have been renowned war profiteers long before Hitler came up. Of 1946. agreed. There are many things that we will never know. If they were just going to kill me – who knows, maybe I’d make a brave stand. Ya – the Germany operations continued to run as a Germany subsidiary and the German government happily sent currency to the United States, which would be use for lets think…oh ya, GM and Ford war production factories to produce more. And it is one thing to have not spoken against the Nazis and another to have supported. Günther Quandt (28 July 1881 – 30 December 1954) was a German industrialist and Nazi who founded an industrial empire that today includes BMW and Altana (chemicals).. “The accusations that have been raised against our family have moved us,” said the family in a statement. “We were treated terribly and had to drink water from the toilets. The Silence of the Quandt family was broadcast by Norddeutsche Runkfunk (NDR), an affiliate of the national ARD network, and was based on five years of research by authors Eric Friedler and Barbara Siebert. Tales of bravery and unimaginable horror that unfortunately will never see the light if day. Volkswagen’s book documents its deployment of 20,000 slave laborers during the Third Reich. Evidenced in every society/culture/country on the planet. Everyone has morals and balls until they see a member of their family with a gun to their head. Prescott Bush figures prominently in the lore of the “unified conspiracy theory”. Exactly. All I could think of comedian quote: Yes, even farmers had to use forced labor, each and every business that was relying on workforce. Günther Quandt (1881-1954) babasının tekstil fabrikasını iki dünya savaşının sonunda dev bir imparatorluğa dönüştürdü. My Grandfather told me many stories of German soldiers who did not want to go along with the atrocities that were being committed. So, don’t hesitate to invest as the Quandts do. Good grief. Being tempted to do bad things by demons or not doing them due to fear of divine wrath is just an irrelevant if amusing story based on human culture’s tendency to personify complex ideas such as good and evil. What I also do dislike about the Quandt approach is that they supported Hitler BEFORE he came to power (c.f. It’s not possible to independently verify that–or anything else regarding Dearborn’s wartime economic relationship with Cologne–because Ford of America was privately held until 1956, and the company will not make available its balance sheets from the period…, …An account by Robert Schmidt, the man appointed to run Ford Werke in 1939, states that the company used forced laborers even before the Nazis put the plant in trusteeship. It’s easy to be smug and claim to want to “pay a few dollars” more, but the reality is that if it weren’t for Nike, some of the “child labor” and their family would be starving. So all I am asking…demanding…is you do the very same for others and stop the drive by shootings here. The Arabs preferred to keep the Palestinians as outsiders to their societies, a festering sore and perpetual grievance to be used against Israel. Günther Quandt . But before everyone gets all holier than thou on the Quandts, America got a transcontinental railroad and other properties through exterminating Indians, and Britain, in just one example slaughtering the Kikuyu of Kenya, because they occupied a sunny spot of land Brits fancied. But obsessing over and expecting compensatory justice after 65 years is not healthy. Anyone who says that they were justified, or carried out under the context of war, is sub human in my opinion. Günther Quandt was arrested and interned in 1946. Because there cannot be any honest progress without honest admissions. That doesn’t excuse anybody from their decisions, but it’s not a simple situation to empathize with, either. His parents divorced and his mother was later married to Joseph Goebbels. A family spokesman said the allegations were “not incisively new.” However, the Quandts had up to then steadfastly denied all allegations. I guess no one finds it amazing that BMW and Mercedes and now VW suddenly got this conscience for the past in the 1980s, after the United States promised them immunity from prosecution by Holocaust survivors, in return for donations to a fund…so they could build their plants in the US and make a bloody fortune? Of course, GM and Ford had to use forced labor, too (GM in Rüsselsheim about 20%, in Brandenburg 40 of their workforce). “We recognize that in our history as a German business family, the years 1933 to 1945 have not been sufficiently cleared up.”. There is a significant difference. In 1937, Günther Quandt was appointed the “War Economy Führer.” Family dynasty behind BMW admits to using 50,000 slave labourers during Nazi era Daily Mail. That May the leader of the Nazi Party in Cologne sent a letter to the plant thanking its leaders for helping “assure us victory in the present [war] struggle” and for demonstrating the willingness to “cooperate in the establishment of an exemplary social state.”…, …In May of 1942, the Superior Court of Cologne finally put Ford Werke in “trusteeship,” ruling that it was “under authoritative enemy influence.” However, the Nazis never nationalized Ford’s German property–plant managers feared it would be turned over to Mercedes or the Hermann Goering Werke, a huge industrial network composed of properties seized by the Reich–and Dearborn maintained its 52 percent share through the duration of the war. Günther Quandt (Pritzwalk, 28 luglio 1881 – Il Cairo, 30 dicembre 1954) è stato un imprenditore tedesco, fondatore di un impero industriale che oggi comprende aziende di notorietà mondiale come BMW e … You mean the way Nike and other American companies used child labor in Asia? [1] Die als öffentlichkeitsscheu geltenden Quandts nahmen 2014 mit 31 Mrd. Did they gas the children after they can no longer work? Perhaps more relevant to the topic at hand, from 1948 into the 1950s about 750,000 Sephardi Jews were made refugees from the Arab countries where they were born and lived for generations, by violence and threats of violence against Jews by Arabs aggrieved over the establishment of the State of Israel. As pointed out by 009 the Quandt family were involved with the nazi’s but didn’t actually own BMW at that time. Of course the United States arranged the pardon of Krupp and Flick soon after their imprisonment as they were seen as vital to building up Germany as a key Cold War ally. These documents are in the National Archives. They acquired a majority on deadly sick BMW well after WWII and, by their money, saved that company. There is a massive difference between what BMW, VW, Bayer, et al did in World War II versus American manufacturing. I am NOT going to repay every Indian or Black person for horrors of others before me. Since this has degenerated into personal attacks, I will no longer respond to any additional posts, however, I will say that since you apparently have a need to insult the relatives of others, my opinion of you has changed considerably. And yes, repugnant too. German industrialist who founded an industrial empire that today includes BMW and Altana (chemicals). It’s also been known that Quandt’s wife Magda Ritschel, whom he divorced in 1929, remarried Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels in 1931 and that Goebbels adopted Quandt’s son Harald. “Whenever there was the slightest indication of anti-Nazi feeling, be it amongst foreigners or Germans, the Gestapo tramped down as hard as possible,” Schmidt told the Army…, …The Treasury Department found that Ford headquarters in Dearborn was in regular contact with its properties in Vichy France. Immediately, after they came to power they started to jail (KZs were certainly not for Jews exclusivly), kill (yes, even their own SA leadership), forced to emigrate (everybody who could afford it), silenced all others opposing that regime by simply changing laws. This is actually has nothing to do with the actions of BMW (which was an aircraft engine and motorcycle manufacturer during WWII), and all to do with the Quandt family which acquired a majority of BMW in 1960. Patriarch Günther Quandt was an early member of the Nazi party, he joined 1933, after Hitler’s election. (The Ford family denies most of the claims about their ties to the Nazis during the war, and hired this author to clear their name.). In keeping with its normal policy, the automaker made no comment about the Quandts, but noted that it has publically confronted its own wartime history via independent research projects. Personal greed is no force majeur. :). Edmondson is a senior correspondent in BusinessWeek’s Frankfurt bureau . Next, please try to stay in focus and if you are going to imply that Ford or Prescot Bush did as you say…please submit the facts so we can all see what the heck you are talking about and when//how it all fits in a time line. along with lots and lots of money. The entire issue is being misunderstood…or intentionally ratchet up for the reason of flaming emotions. The family’s holdings are worth an estimated $34 billion. Required fields are marked *, Review of “Jackals: The Stench of American Fascism” by Alex Constantine, “The Good Taliban”: U.S. Not only did Goebbels and family know what was happening, they were appointed to the ministry. With the assistance of W.M. It wasn’t the Israeli Jews who kept Palestinians in refugee camps (after the Palestinian leaders encouraged those refugees to become refugees to clear the battlefield for the invading Arab armies), it was Arab leaders and Arab societies that refused to assimilate Palestinian refugees into their countries. Günther Quandt, Kisah Di Sebalik Pemegang Saham Terbesar Syarikat BMW Eza September 10, 2020 8:32 am September 10, 2020 Sebut sahaja kereta BMW, pasti ramai di kalangan kita yang berimpian untuk memiliki kenderaan mewah buatan Jerman tersebut. Are you implying that my Grandfather was a liar? Günther Quandt’s second wife (and mother of their son Harald) ultimately married the notorious Joseph Goebbels—one of the most powerful and prominent Nazis of the Third Reich. The company also established a war plant ready for mobilization day in a “‘safe’ zone” near Berlin, a step taken, according to Schneider, “with the…approval of Dearborn.” Following Hitler’s 1939 invasion of Poland, which set off World War II, German Ford became one of the largest suppliers of vehicles to the Wehrmacht (the German Army). I bowed out because I missed the memo where we had progressed in the discussion to insulting relatives. Off topic, as an avid armchair historian I would also like to point out that we make far too much mention of Nazi atrocities during the war and not nearly enough of those committed by the Japanese. Or how about the native peoples of Brazil who are about to have their ancestral homes destroyed, along with a million acres of rain forest in the name of progress. And the Washington Post article that is linked to in the post above merely states that GM and Ford’s wartime activities in Germany were being scrutinized by Holocaust survivors. It premiered at the Hamburg Film Festival on Sept. 30 and was aired without notice on television later that night, at 11:30 p.m., reaching an estimated audience of 1.3 million. Jewish communities in those countries assimilated those refugees, unlike how the Arab world treated Palestinians. He even had odd family ties with the Nazi elite. While I won’t deny that there are civil rights issues in Israel regarding Israeli Arabs, the simple facts are that 10% of the Israeli population are Arabs and they enjoy full legal equality. This has to do with Guenter Quandt’s business dealings 15 years before his son Herbert invested in BMW. Stefan Quandt und seine Schwester Susanne Klatten besitzen fast die Hälfte der Anteile an BMW, dürfen sich so seit einigen Jahren über üppige Dividenden freuen und sitzen auch beide im Aufsichtsrat des Münchner Autoherstellers. But I do tire of belated apologies made on the behalf of one’s ancestors, such as still happens today with the slavery issue in the US and Africa. I’m not here to support or rationalize anything that is or was done to exploit people, but there is enough culpability to go around. The ball is in Palestine’s court and it is time they stop lobbying bombs back instead of the damn ball. In those cases, the hosting societies did the right thing. AFAIK, the kraft durch freude wagen (veedub Beetle) was commissioned by Hitler, Mercedes used forced labour by captives of the regime and BMW remained relatively(!) The sins of the father are not the sins of the son. Old Man Quandt should have been charged with war crimes, as were the equally disgustingly greed and ruthless Alfried Krupp and Friedrich Flick, but the documentary suggests that the British protected Quandt. The world is a complicated place and saints are rare. Israel is not a perfect democracy – I have problems with electing the Knesset at large instead of geographic representation – but only people without sense or with Orwellian newspeak intentions will conclude that Israel is an apartheid state. It is with these kind of tricks that Günther Quandt survives the 1929 recession that hits the entire world, and Germany in particular. The atrocities that are being committed today can be rectified, those that occurred in the past, unfortunately, cannot. I can’t remember the name of the person offhand, but I do know that at least one FoMoCo sponsored historian who looked into Henry’s anti-semitism from earlier one (eg. Patriarch Günther Quandt was an early member of the Nazi party, he joined 1933, after Hitler’s election. I could be wrong but offhand I think no more than 100,000 of the 600,000 or so Jews in Palestine in 1947 were survivors of the Holocaust. I was just thinking about the lack of comment about Japanese atrocities – especially to prisoners of war (which the Germans, on the whole protected as per the Geneva Convention). Some German commentators surmise the broadcast was not announced in advance for fear of legal interference from the Quandts to block the program. BMW dynasty breaks silence over Nazi past Telegraph. , the German version). This is about a family who still is buried in the billions a Nazi sympathizer. How about, They should be ashamed as hell. So now we have a historian confirming all this after nearly five years more. I honestly expected more from a so called “journalist” who I would expect to read between the lines and not have to spell out everything for them. Eight of the hundred currently richest Germans are among his descendants. No one can undo the heinous and cowardly acts that were committed during WWII by the third reich. Everyone seems to have a pretty strong opinion here without having actually seen the documentary, which actually has nothing to do with BMW. The trouble with Germany started far earlier than WWII. Open-air apartheid prison camps sure are comfortable. What I find hilarious was the Quandt family would have to employ a historian to figure out their role in the German war machine from 1933 to 1945. Seems a no brainer. My synagogues parking lot today looked like a German dealership. Perhaps worse the slaves, they were literally worthless, since they didnt cost anything. Sarah Silverman’s is also critical of Jewish people who drive German cars: ‘If Mercedes could only have seen into the future …The amount of money they would be making from Jewish consumers … maybe they would have helped not kill the Jews but instead, they helped, ugh, er, you know, facilitate a genocide of a people who would ultimately become their best customers…. I don’t think it’s fair to characterize “the Ford family” based on Henry’s actions. Anyone who draws a moral equivalency argument between Nike and the Third Riech is an first class %$#@. Funny, I did a lot of research on WWII era military production by the US auto industry for my series last Memorial Day here on TTAC about the Arsenal of Democracy and I seem to have missed the part where US factories used Jews and other “undesireables” as slave laborers. Also Ford AND GM were involved in war profiteering (this article is from the Washington Post): The Sgt Schultz family “I know nothing…” – what else is new? THis was wbusiness was done in under the Nazis. Quandt launches negative gossip on AFA, thus devaluating the shares, so he can obtain them cheap. In August, under the same authority, Congress had seized the first of the Bush-Harriman-managed Thyssen entities, Hamburg-American Line, under Vesting Order No. They were in the process of pursuing a case against him when he died in 1943. Sure they should be ashamed.. Maybe everyone here whose grandfather didn’t personally kill at least three Nazis should be ashamed of a family that didn’t do enough? What were they supposed to do? Bavaria is where Nazism was born. Have you actually visited any of the Nike factories? The overseas trading ended in – 1933. There is no comparison between what America did and what the Germans did. We have Kids strapping on bombs to repay a wrong a thousand years earlier. Herbert Werner Quandt (22 June 1910 – 2 June 1982), was a German industrialist who is regarded as having saved BMW when it was at the point of bankruptcy and made huge profit in doing so. Others went to France and the United States. Law, justice, sanity, everything was down the drain then. Can you give me a brief synopsis of the history of the “Palestinians” from the 17th to the 19th century? We were also whipped,” said Takis Mylopoulos, a forced laborer who worked in Quandt’s Hannover plant. When the German Forced Labor Compensation Program was established, the family declined to make a contribution, claiming they had no reason to do so. I meant to say that the US converted most of its industry to the war effort providing jobs and incomes for millions of Americans. Apartheid? Günther Quandt. Like many German industrialists, the family had no problem with supporting the Nazis, and were particularly enthusiastic when it came to war production as all those machines would need batteries. Still the incident shows that the “family” as it was (remember, Henry only had one child, Edsel, the family was small, even today there are only about 50 Ford cousins who own stock in the company) was not on the same page as Henry. If one died, so what? Ford Mustang Mach-E: Right Car, Wrong Name. La famille Quandt est une famille contemporaine d'industriels allemands : . After the war, Quandt received his company, later renamed Varta (VARGK.F), back from the government and continued to build his industrial wealth—the fortune eventually wielded by his son Herbert in 1959 to buy BMW.