But there are a few giveaways that it is not part of the pricey Galaxy S series. Dynamic range enhancement is about as effective as Samsung’s more expensive phones: sun in the shot, but the foreground is still fairly bright and clear. In good light, test shots looked crisp, with excellent color The Samsung Galaxy A51's build is closer to that of a Motorola Moto G8 or Oppo A5 2020 than a high-end Samsung. Call quality is excellent. New York, The phone does not support wireless charging, but we would be surprised if it did at the price. But it is an unavoidable reminder this is not a top-end phone, and general performance belongs to the class below. A lower price comes with obvious downgrades from Samsung's pricier phones. jack if your plans include a Netflix binge. Diese Produkte bewertete das CHIP-Testcenter. The GPU is a triple-core Mali-G72, which again offers very similar graphical power to the Adreno 610 and 612 graphics chips used in Qualcomm-powered alternatives. Like other Samsung phones the Galaxy A51 uses stacks of HDR processing to make the most of any scene you shoot. You will receive a verification email shortly. The Galaxy A51 is available both unlocked and through all the major US carriers. as well. Want to get artsy for Facebook or Insta? It can accommodate up to an additional 512GB of storage with a microSD The Samsung Galaxy A51 does get the other usual benefits of an OLED display. Its front camera has a 32MP sensor and is handy for all sorts of selfies. As with many affordable quad-camera phones, this feels more like a dual-lens handset with some half-baked extras, although its tertiary macro camera is better than most in this class and does offer a different way to take photos. We miss a proper zoom camera. It's worth pointing out the first two of those are 5G phones, while the latter two, and the Galaxy A51, aren't. suite of productivity apps come preloaded. It also fiddles with color and contrast to increase visibility in tough conditions. But it does have a 3.5mm headphone port, which is handy if you are yet to make the jump to Bluetooth headphones. The Galaxy A51 is the newest mid-range phone by Samsung that replaces the extremely popular A50 from 2019 and it brings an updated, modern design with tiny bezels as well as a few improvements to the camera. Other games tend to fare much better. We’d already made the change before taking the photos seen in this review. Since Google has yet to announce Android 11, Samsung has The Galaxy A51 has a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with 1080 by 2400 pixels in a tall-for-a-Samsung 20:9 aspect ratio. Best Malware Removal and Protection Software, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pushes Android 11 Beta Launch to June. It can pass for an expensive Samsung at a distance, particularly as the large four-lens camera housing on the back looks advanced. Up close you can see the processed look fine details have, compared to the Google Pixel 3a, but zoomed out it looks punchy enough. If you have small Download more and delete less 64GB internal storage, plus you can add even more with a 512GB MicroSD card. depth lens with an f/2.2 aperture, and another 5MP macro lens with an f/2.4 The Samsung Galaxy A51 is one of Samsung’s biggest mid-range entries for 2020. Very dark scenes still look very dark when you use the Auto mode. The macro camera may have relatively cheap hardware, but the results are often quite neat. In daily use, it only worked properly about 40 percent The Samsung Galaxy A51’s Portrait mode still tends to fall apart with complex subjects, as it will in most phones. Its main issue, other than only passable image quality, is blurring. Transition animations occasionally stutter, and at times the keyboard takes a moment to appear when you tap a text box. Galaxy A51 has fast processing and spacious storage. While it's pricier than the 4G version, it's not too expensive as 5G phones go. It lost 13% charge at max brightness. notice with the naked eye. The Samsung Galaxy A51's screen also makes games look great. Colors are vivid and warm by default, but you can customize them to your liking in the settings menu. Like other recent A-series phones, the Samsung Galaxy A51 has a finish of intersecting lines, cutting shapes onto the back, each with a slightly different look. Maximum earpiece volume Thankfully, games aren’t affected as badly – PUBG fans, don’t worry. You have to run Ark: Survival Evolved at low graphics and reduced resolution to get it to a playable state, with greater visual sacrifices than a Snapdragon-powered phone with a GPU that should be similarly capable. Android moves a little too slowly. It should be enough to keep Android quick, leaving the use of an Exynos chipset as the most obvious hardware weak link here. 2020 might just go down in history as the year of the midrange smartphone. Like most 48MP phone sensors, it takes 12MP images and uses pixel binning to improve image quality. A macro lens lets you take new approaches to photography. The main camera's sensor is the Sony IMX582, seen in a stack of Chinese phones. If you’re not a diehard Android fan and don't mind a smaller display, the iPhone SE is a significantly more powerful phone, and it's guaranteed to receive software updates for years to come. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Price comparison: Find the best deal for your next phone. The Galaxy A51 I've been testing is a Verizon Wireless model with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It measures 6.24 by jack, a USB-C port, and a speaker. Issues aside this is a good phone for video streaming, although anywhere but indoors the reflective (if tiny) punch hole camera is doubly distracting. The Samsung Galaxy A51 can shoot video at up to 4K resolution, 30 frames per second (fps). It offers plenty of value for its price in the form of a handsome design, long battery life, good camera quality, and a gorgeous display. Please refresh the page and try again. The Galaxy A51 packs a rather compelling camera setup. Das Galaxy A51 liegt dabei bei Preis sowie Größe im Mittelfeld. It can brighten up scenes and there is a dedicated Night mode, but we don't see anything like the low-light smarts Samsung put into the Galaxy S20. That the Samsung Galaxy A51 operates more like a phone from the tier below is hard to forget, though. Camera samples Other audio quality is acceptable. The basic layout of One UI is perfectly good, if different to standard Android. This slowdown is not infuriating. The A51 offers solid performance in low light The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. It retains the 5-megapixel f/2.2 depth camera of its predecessor. The Galaxy A21s , Galaxy A31 , Galaxy A41 and the Galaxy A51 LTE/5G are … First up is the $399.99 Samsung Galaxy A51. Speaker quality is fair. not so much to hard drops. the iPhone SE blasted past with scores of 1,331 SC and 3,299 MC. older, more brittle hardened glass that stands up well against scratches, but While many manufacturers have gravitated toward a near-stock Android experience, aperture. The ultra-wide camera’s color saturation makes grass appear unnaturally green. The lag factor is worth considering if you plan to buy the Samsung Galaxy A51 outright as a way to save money on expensive contracts, after years on the high-end Android upgrade treadmill. Apple's new $399 iPhone SE is our highest-rated non-flagship model in some time, and we're expecting about a dozen or so more similarly priced offerings to hit US carriers this year. Samsungs A-Serie bietet eine Bandbreite an Smartphones. Charge speed is not close to the "50% in 30 minutes" gold standard. On the front, you’ll find a 32MP wide-angle lens with an f/2.2 One UI 2.1 and the April 2020 security patch brings AR Lag like this can be caused by under-optimized software, which can be fixed in an update. The Samsung Galaxy A51 runs Android 10 with the Samsung One UI software on top. Comme le Galaxy A50, le Galaxy A51 est doté d'une batterie de 4 000 mAh. However, the back is plastic rather than glass and the front camera does not merge into the front glass anywhere near as well as most. The ultra-wide camera takes oversaturated pictures, but the approach to color can make nature scenes look punchier. That means the final image will actually be a lot better. It… It starts with a 48MP Quad Bayer main unit, one you'd find on about 9 out of 10 midrangers today. While those crashes likely won’t be an issue for long, the general sluggishness may be. Its OLED screen is colorful, contrast is ultra-high, and Samsung’s software looks good. Camera lens with an f/2.0 aperture, a 12MP ultrawide lens with an f/2.2 aperture, a 5MP So why is the Samsung Galaxy A51 slow off the mark? Click here to see the full resolution image. At $399 / £329 / AU$599 the Samsung A51 seems a sure-fire hit. That said, I didn't receive the update while writing this review in May, so I And here's where it gets interesting - the A51 also has a 5MP macro camera, when others opt for a much more modest 2MP unit for close-ups. This is an instant win on paper, as many phones at the price have LCD screens. At $400, Samsung's Galaxy A51 has a gorgeous display, good cameras, and a battery that will easily get you through the day, but it can use a boost in the processor department. In the US it’s available The Samsung Galaxy A51 has a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 1080 x 2400 resolution. In daylight testing, nearly all of our shots looked crisp, with excellent depth of field. For comparison, the Moto G Power came in at 310 SC and 1,289 MC, while you through the day. 2.90 by 0.31 inches (HWD) and comes in at 6.06 ounces. The Samsung Galaxy A51 has four rear cameras. NY 10036. It is minor. On the left side you’ll find a hybrid SIM/microSD slot, Before joining PCMag as a mobile analyst, he covered mobile and wearable tech at Digital Trends. Samsung does not seem too proud of it, though, as you have to dig into the extended menu to find the macro mode. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. And it earns the phone 1,288 points in Geekbench 5, very similar to the Huawei P30 Lite, the Motorola Moto G8 and Motorola One Action, and the Google Pixel 3a. Latest Firmware Updates: Galaxy A51, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 20, and more Samsung releases new firmware updates for dozens of smartphones and tablets every single day. Samsung’s brand has never seemed stronger among Androids too, now that we’re more likely to recommend an Oppo phone than one made by Sony, HTC, or Huawei. The Samsung Galaxy A51 offers some of the design traits of Samsung's higher-end phones. The Galaxy A51 5G is the cheapest 5G smartphone that Samsung sells. In our battery drain test, which streams HD video over If it had a faster processor, you'd be seeing a higher score here. There are a few little issues. You’ll simply, as ever, see less detail in worse lighting. While the new iPhone SE features an IP67 rating, the A51 carries no such formal durability assurance. We would not be surprised if many A51 owners never do. This phone is not one of our favorites at the price, largely because of its flawed general performance. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant. Our test Samsung Galaxy A51 has 4GB of RAM. This is a relatively subtle look, but when the Samsung Galaxy A51 catches the light you'll see shimmering rainbow tones that tend to pool into laser streaks across the curved edges. A nice even exposure, plenty of cloud detail. However, there are more obvious performance issues here than in alternatives like the Moto G8 Plus and Oppo Reno 2Z. Unlike the iPhone SE, it doesn't support wireless charging. The Galaxy A51 has a 4,000mAh battery, which is about as low a capacity as we are comfortable with in a phone with a 6.5-inch screen. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! How to Switch From an iPhone to an Android Phone, Report: Xiaomi's Mi 11 Smartphone Won't Come With a Charger, Apple Transparency Tool Will Tell You How Much Data App Developers Are Collecting, Looking for New iPhone Apps? Our final sensor helps with Live Focus photos, Samsung's version of a Portrait mode where the background is blurred out. At $400, Samsung's Galaxy A51 has a gorgeous display, good cameras, and a battery that will easily get you through the day, but it can use a boost in the processor department. The good news? aperture. Its optional Vivid screen mode looks very saturated, and contrast in a dark room is clearly far better than LCD phones at the price. Classic Samsung traits you do get in the Galaxy A51 include a bold AMOLED screen, and software that looks just like that of the Galaxy S20 series. stack. Dark shots often look blotchy and are low on detail. Jun 24, 2020, 9:00 AM . It has a big, crisp AMOLED display, long battery life, and sharp cameras. That’s not to say it’s bad, but just about everything is a little different, from the navigation The Galaxy A51's ultra-wide photos are also far more saturated than the standard wide shots, which makes grass look unrealistic, almost neon. The Galaxy A51 5G comes in the same retail packaging as the 4G version, but proudly flying a 5G banner. In short, it’s fine for a conference Wide-angle mode made for some edge blurring in a few shots, but not consistently. It's the same dual-cluster arrangement seen in almost every phone at the price. Why no 60fps? Full review of Samsung's Galaxy A51 camera after several days of testing, taking a close look at the various features as well as photo and video quality. Still, the blurring effect is charming enough, and reasonable object recognition means it won't always be immediately obvious the shot was taken with a phone rather than a larger camera with a wide aperture lens. The display itself is bright and crisp, and you’ll have no problem seeing it in direct sunlight. This phone is a fair size too, made for media and wider than the Galaxy S20. Samsung Galaxy A51, A71 Battery Test Complete: good and better . We recommend sticking to 1080p most of the time, as 4K video is completely non-stabilized, and will therefore look rubbish unless you stand still. Emoji, Music Share, and Quick Share, as well as updated Gallery and Samsung Keyboard Other phones manage to create depth maps without a dedicated depth sensor, and here the blurring usually refuses to kick in if your subject is more than a couple of meters away. Use Live Focus to bring your subject into sharper relief. It lived up to its expectation of being a great mid-range device. The Galaxy A51 was able to do that for the most part. Since we've reviewed this device, Samsung has also introduced a slightly tweaked version called the Galaxy A51 5G. On PCMark 2.0 call or to scroll through videos TikTok, but you’ll want to take advantage of the 3.5mm headphone PCMag PCMag.com and PC Magazine are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. Benchmark tests support our experiential usage. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Some alternatives also offer better battery life, like the Oppo A5 2020. The Bottom Line. Resolution comes in at 2,400 by 1,080, for a higher pixel density (405ppi) than the iPhone SE (326ppi). While the plastic back panel can likely withstand an accidental drop without much damage, the display is made of Gorilla Glass 3, an It is only obvious when significant parts of the screen are white, as in web pages for example, but instantly shows this is not one of Samsung’s best OLEDs. Camera performance issues are intermittent rather than constant, but we did notice them regularly while out shooting. a good chance the phone will see Android 11 at some point in the future, but if fast OS Samsung Galaxy A51 - kamera által homályosan - A Galaxy A50 utódja nem sok újdonságot tud felmutatni, de eleve megfelelő alapokra építkezve bizonyos szempontból kiforrottabb és teljesen up to date megoldás lett. The Galaxy A51 lasted about 20 minutes longer than the SE in this test. If you’re not overly worried about security, I’d opt for the facial The Samsung OneUI is modern and good-looking. The bottom part has a pinstripe texture of thin lines, for example, sitting under the top plastic layer. The Samsung Galaxy A51’s draws are similar to those of other mid-price Samsungs. Maximum brightness seems conservative when used indoors, but the Samsung Galaxy A51 kicks up a gear when taken outdoors on a bright day. Switching between the ultra-wide and standard views takes too long, and we have seen a few bouts of continual crashes. When he’s not poring over the latest mobile hardware, you’ll find him voraciously reading or exploring Brooklyn’s amazing independent bookstores. Battery life But there’s a lot of Snapdragon-powered competition at the price, and they seem to offer more consistent results. comes in at 84dB, which is loud enough to hear on a busy street. hands, you might fumble a bit with the volume rocker. Det er den letteste af de fem i testen, men den har en stor 6,5” Super Amoled-skærm, der står med god skarphed og … Samsung Galaxy A51 unboxing. You can pick up the Samsung Galaxy A51 in most countries Samsung sells phones, although the 5G version isn't available in Australia. There are different blur effects to try too. This is not one of Samsung's greatest OLED panels, however, and there are a couple of obvious issues. There’s also no way to switch between wide and ultra-wide views as you shoot, a neat form of on-the-fly editing available in other phones. Design Its longevity is reasonable, if nothing more. Fine texture detail is not in the same league as the native 12.2MP sensor of the Google Pixel 3a. The result? Your best bet is to put the phone in a good case. They seem superfluous, since Android already has the same apps baked in. © there were no light flares. It would be an understatement to say Steven Winkelman is obsessed with smartphones and tablets. You don't get a reliable view of the shot you take in the camera app. nearly a dozen extra apps preinstalled, though fortunately you can delete most of them. Sure, the front glass covers the selfie camera. Then there's a 12MP ultra wide-angle cam, an upgrade over the 8MP ultra wides Samsung's been fitting on anything that's not a flagship. scenarios, and there was some edge noise and minor loss of fine Gaming The Samsung A51 has a toy-like look when you first turn it on thanks to the wide icon spacing. There's no zoom, which is the classic sign of a multi-camera setup where extra lenses are used to bulk up the numbers. But this effect comes from the other direction in the Samsung A51. One UI 2. We independently review and compare Samsung Galaxy A51 against 81 other smartphone products from 16 brands to help you choose the best. The 10 best Netflix Original movies of 2020, Huge Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus leak means there's very little left to learn, PS5 restock: Target tipped to have stock tomorrow – here's how to grab a PS5, Where to buy PS5: all the latest restock updates, How to watch Wonder Woman 1984 online: stream WW84 from anywhere today, Come e dove acquistare Windows 10 legalmente, The best Apple Watch apps we've used: ready for 2021, Electric bike maintenance: how to keep your new e-bike running like a dream, It’s a Samsung Galaxy, without an S20 price. The Samsung Galaxy A51 is one of the cheaper phones we've seen with an acceptable macro camera. of RAM. My Verizon review unit also had Its apps menu uses pages rather than one long scroll of app icons, but you can also arrange them into folders should you like to keep your phone organized. card. Apps and Specifikationer og funktioner Samsung Galaxy A51: Mål: 158,5 x 73,6 x 7,9 mm; Vægt: 172 gram; Styresystem: Android 9.0; Skærm: 6,5 tommer, super amoled, 2.400 x 1.080 pixel, Gorilla Glass 6; Processor: Exynos 9611; RAM: 4/6 GB; Hukommelse: 128 GB + plads til hukommelseskort op til 1 TB The Galaxy A51 also has the distinction of being Samsung’s first smartphone to feature a … Its app is not particularly quick to load up and get to the point where you can shoot. Bass is nonexistent and treble is spotty. Samsung Galaxy A51 5G unboxing. Here the Samsung A51 benefits from an efficient OLED panel. The Samsung Galaxy A51 is for those after a relatively affordable phone who would rather own a Samsung than an Android from Motorola, Oppo or Xiaomi. All of these results are good, suggesting any shortfall in battery is not down to the display. It's not hard to spot the filler: those two 5MP cameras. Cheaper phones with less trendy rear scanner pads unlock more quickly and reliably. Samsung Galaxy A51 im Test Samsung-Qualität für 300 Euro? During our tests we noticed long load times for Asphalt 9, and PUBG: Mobile crashed twice. The Galaxy A51 is powered by a 4,00mAh battery that can easily get you through the day. Parts of the camera app do too at times. It is slower than most and will fail to recognize fingers if they are even slightly wet, or if you are not very careful about the position of your thumb. The Galaxy A51 sports a fairly serious camera "The Samsung Galaxy A51 is a winner thanks to plenty of high-end features and low-end price.” TechRadar "If you're after a smartphone with a big screen, big battery and plenty of photography features, but don't want to break the bank, the Samsung Galaxy A51 could well be the phone for you.” apps. Samsung's latest OTA update with There’s 128GB of storage, of which 105GB is available out of There’s a 15W charger in the box, and you Well, the model we reviewed isn't, but Samsung subsequently released a 5G version for $500 / £429 (roughy AU$700). Ime namiguje bolj na osvežitev za leto 2020 kot pa popolnoma nov mobitel. Priced at around $350, the Galaxy A51 is affordable and will without a doubt be among the most popular phones that Samsung sells in 2020, but is it as good of a deal as the Galaxy … websites take a little longer to load than you’d expect, and we noticed some caching Samsung Galaxy A51 Test - in diesem Video seht ihr mein Test & Fazit nach 1 Woche Nutzung mit dem Samsung Galaxy A51 (2020). Peak volume is 88dB, which is loud For Android enthusiasts, meanwhile, the Pixel 3a gets you more power and reliable software updates, while the Moto G Power offers longer battery life than the A51 for $150 less. detail, but photos still had excellent depth of field and Night shooting is not a Galaxy A51 highlight. But the layers below are far more reflective, making the Samsung A51's selfie camera stand out like a tiny little monocle. recognition feature to unlock instead. Apple Reveals Its Best of 2020 App Picks, The Best Wireless Chargers for Your Android or iPhone. We can't blame Samsung completely for this, as it is not easy to fit a good zoom camera into a reasonably priced phone. There are four Cortex A73 cores clocked at 2.3GHz, and four lower power Cortex A53 cores at 1.7GHz. Galaxy A51 er en elegant mobil. You only tend to see wireless charge support in more expensive phones. If you purchase the unlocked version of the A51, Samsung’s While image quality does not reach any new heights, with a slightly processed look to fine details even in good lighting, selfies in fairly dark rooms still look bright. A 30-minute charge from flat took the phone to 31% battery, and a full charge will take around two hours. That said, it became covered in fingerprints within minutes of taking the phone out of the box. Put simply, the Galaxy A51 looks good. "The Samsung Galaxy A51 is a winner thanks to plenty of high-end features and low-end price." Try the macro mode. Visit our corporate site. For the most part, the selfie camera is solid in just about any lighting in black with an attractive prismatic finish. Performance Den måler 158,5 x 73,6 x 7,9 mm og vejer 172 gram. Unlike glass or metal flagship models, the A51’s back panel is made of sturdy plastic with a glass-like finish, which you probably wouldn’t even realize is plastic without looking closely. However, this phone holds on to its reporting of ‘100%’ charge level for quite some time. There's no 'New year, new me' when it comes to the A-series presentation and the Galaxy A51 arrives in a familiar white box with a … The Samsung A51 does come with a fast charger, a lower end 15W one. Galaxy S20 International Models Explained: Which Works for You? We also tested how much video playback eats the battery at maximum brightness. An advanced Octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM deliver smooth and efficient performance. However, this is not a great scanner. It’s light and just narrow Other parts of the phone are solid. accuracy. PUBG runs perfectly well with ‘HD’ graphics and anti-aliasing switched on. The Samsung Galaxy A51 is also certified for HD Netflix from launch, but it does not support HDR video. The Oppo Reno 2Z and Moto G8 Plus are smoother. Display Race to 5G: Quarantines and Vandals Can't Stop 5G Rollout, Report: Midrange ‘OnePlus Z’ to Ship With 5G Connectivity, US 5G Phone Share Rises to 20 Percent Thanks to Galaxy S20. boarding passes. ... We test how well the mobile performs when writing and receiving text messages as well as email and social apps such as messenger and Facebook. There was a problem. There’s also an in-display optical fingerprint sensor, but it isn't very good. You'll find the relevant controls there. Galaxy A51 5G is Samsung’s best gaming mid-ranger but there’s one issue We have discussed previously how Samsung’s 2020 Galaxy A series pushes the envelope on affordable phones . I tested the wide and ultrawide sensors in several different low-light The Galaxy A51 is powered by a 4,00mAh battery that can easily get The Galaxy A51 has a 48-megapixel f/2.0 primary and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide f/2.2 camera that has a 123-degree field of view. It has an in-screen fingerprint scanner too, another attempt to make the Samsung Galaxy A51 seem like a high-end phone. Today they are rarely as good as the closest-spec’d Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. (Disclaimer: Verizon is Engadget's parent company, but it has no influence over what we say.) The Samsung Galaxy A51 performance with games that use the Vulkan graphics standard seems fairly poor. The Samsung Galaxy A51 is an affordable way to get a good-looking Galaxy phone, but it makes Android feel a little too slow for us to wholeheartedly recommend it. The back is plastic rather than glass, the cameras aren’t as good (even if there are five of them), the chipset is less powerful, and nice-to-have extras like water resistance are absent. The Samsung Galaxy A51 is a mid-range handset from Samsung, priced at £329, which runs on the own-brand Exynos 9611 chipset and offers four rear cameras. It’s not quite bright enough to let you watch movies in direct sunlight comfortably, but the interface and web pages look fairly clear. You’d better appreciate Samsung’s particular strengths before buying a Galaxy A51. The phone isn’t the best at making natural textures look realistic, like the bark of these trees retreating into the sky. Outright Mobile Buying: Does it make sense? If Candy Crush or Bejeweled is more Display test: 100% brightness: Black, cd/m 2 White, cd/m 2 Contrast ratio: Samsung Galaxy A51 5G: 0: 410 ∞ Samsung Galaxy A51 5G (Max Auto) 0: 642 ∞ Samsung Galaxy A51: 0: 413 in an area with loud construction. … It can often be difficult to keep track of them all, particularly if you’re someone who likes to … by Victor Hristov. Let og hurtig. work, a suite of tests that emulates typical smartphone tasks, the A51 scored